The Not-So-Sekrit N1nj4 Project – Update

Front Cover of "Fantastic Realities" 2nd Edition

Fantastic Realities – A Life in Art & Design, Updated 2nd Edition.

In 2017, I composed and published a retrospective of my Graphic and Design Work over the years on the Lulu platform. That first edition was an impressive 12.75 x 10.75″ Large Landscape format. At the time I complained that the technical constraints with what I wanted to do with the format were a significant roadblock to freely designing what I wanted. I also have been looking at both Blurb and BookBaby and weighting the non-trivial cost of upfront ordering a honking pile of books… .$$$$, yo. A kickstarter campaign was not not of the question, for either this, or the also mildly crazed A is for Art: The Digital Restoration project.

But of course, in the world of Digital Publishing, times, software, and technical capabilities, change. Continue reading