Healthy, Hopeful, Holy, Happy Holidays.

And suddenly, it’s 2023…

The sharp-eyed among you who may have visited the main site might have noticed that our traditional – or at least habitual – holiday greeting did not open the site. Well, didn’t get it done this year. Didn’t do an email blast for the hols either.

So yeah, late – but still the tail winds of the hols! I wrote the draft of this on New Year’s Eve. Normally, it has been our family tradition to get our holiday greetings out to folk a bit before Solstice, typically right in the midst of Hanukkah, Yule, and Christmas. Even Festivus, for the rest of y’all. Sometimes just barely, but we would get them out, and handed over to the tender mercies of the U.S. Postal Service. Custom designed cards being a point of narccisstic ego– *ahem*… honor for a graphic designer.

But not this year. I did have our family cards designed and turned around roughly about Thanksgiving, but since then, the Studio had been utterly buried in a honking huge video project that consumed literally every waking hour – including some intended for sleepin’. Over the last six weeks or so I’ve produced and edited for an excellent client just over Nine and a Half Hours of Video Content. Roughly four feature films worth! So much Adobe Premiere time… Yesterday, the last business day of 2022, I handed over a honking 57 Gigabytes of material to our sponsor. Yes, even at the “minimum” 720p resolution, video files are pretty dang chonky. What made it such a crunch was that said sponsor required the entire content for a year-long webinar series to be submitted en masse plene completum by the end of the year! Unsane! So this guy was a tired monkey on New years.

2022 Griffith Famuly Holiday cards and greetings.
Takin’ care of the family business on New Year’s.

I may do a post down the road a bit about the excitement, process and technical challenges (and we definitely had ’em!) of that project, but not this week! There are reasons why the site hasn’t seem much in the way of updates lately. But not because I’m lazing about on the porch with a mocha latte, but actually busy working. That’s a good problem to have for a Design Studio!

While 2022 did turn out to be reasonably productive, reasonably healthy, and reasonably prosperous for us; it’s also been full of epic shifts, changes, and life-altering dislocations for so many, with not a small measure of “WTF?” thrown in to keep things… interesting. So to any and all of you who were in the path of whatever cray-cray that may have come your way either professionally or in your personal lives – we wish you health, safety, perseverance, resilience, and the support of good people around you.

May the new year find you all, healthy, safe, and well.

Mitáquye oyasín.

Kurt Griffith
Owner & Creative Director, FRS

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