Front Cover of "Fantastic Realities" 2nd Edition

The Not-So-Sekrit N1nj4 Project – Update

In 2017, I composed and published a retrospective of my Graphic and Design Work over the years on the Lulu platform. That first edition was an impressive 12.75 x 10.75″ Large Landscape format. At the time I complained that the technical constraints with what I wanted to do with the format were a significant roadblock to freely designing what I wanted. I also have been looking at both Blurb and BookBaby and weighting the non-trivial cost of upfront ordering a honking pile of books… .$$$$, yo. A kickstarter campaign was not not of the question, for either this, or the also mildly crazed A is for Art: The Digital Restoration project.

But of course, in the world of Digital Publishing, times, software, and technical capabilities, change.

Somewhere in the intervening time, Lulu quietly discontinued their Large Landscape format and their online composer. Which makes many of my criticisms above moot. Also gone are the “Professional Hardcover” and “Premium Paperback” designations, and they just offer their various sizes in most finishing options. That does simplify matters a bit, and I have more freedom of choice in layout and bindery. but the large version of the book has been depreciated and is no longer available. Good thing I ordered an Author’s Copy, – Collectors Item. MY collection! At least I still have my original design files!

But I did take the opportunity to tidy up the 7×9 Edition an correct some technical flaws, mostly image resolution issues with the excellent Topaz Labs Gigapixel image utility, and clean up the text a little. So that updated version can still be had.

Fantastic Realities: A Life In Art & Design, 2nd edition
50 Pages, Trade Paperback. $17.99 at

So now I am conjuring with the idea of revisiting a Third Edition in a Letter Landscape size in a hardbound format, that could be done at a retail price of about $24.99 for a 52-64 page book. I could do an update and add some recent work, including the 2019 studio branding update.

So, more to come on this. When, remains to be seen, or better yet, revealed!

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