NOT Today…

Generic text, stock photo, zero information content...
Yes, just who the frak ARE you, stock photo people? I’ve got nuthin’…

I was not in a patient mood today for fools and shysters.

As a Web designer. I am usually pleased when people see my sites, even the modest ones that are typically just there to establish a web presence for a client. But that means that from time to time, I do get one of those emails…

But I was able to suppress my annoyance and compose a reasonably polite and professional response.

Identifying data has been redacted to protect the guilty guilty guilty….

Hello [redacted name],

I am the Web Designer and maintainer for [redacted domain name].

I am well aware of the scope and limitations of my client’s current site. It is on deck for a redesign and re-build. Of course that depends on my client being motivated to do so and dedicates the required resources. Be that as it may, such a project is well within the skill set and resources of my studio. That is entirely up to us.

However, I would be far more confident if your message included legitimate contact information, a company name, web site, and any other suggestion that you might be legitimate — or even an actual person.

I did visit [redcated URL (from email address)], and that visit does nothing to reassure my opinion. It is a generic site full of generic marketing copy and stock photography, utterly lacking in specificity of any kind, a legitimate address, a phone number, testimonials, portfolio, customer list, or even a single named principal or employee. Your “Who We Are” tells me exactly NOTHING of value. A Google search of “[redacted company name]” produces NO company information, reviews, or even much in the way of search results.

Did you think I would not vet you? There is no way I would trust a client’s money and my credibility to a company that does not even seem to legitimately exist. I am not impressed. There is honestly no THERE there.

Please move on to more gullible prospects.

Kurt E. Griffith
Creative Director
Fantastic Realities Studio


In more explicit terms– piss off, I’ve got work to do.

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