End of the Snowpoaclyspe.

No Snow Days

No Snow Days

This is going to be a pretty random post.

Deal with it. But I’ll try to say something of interest. In the interest of learning more about using the WordPress back end, I had to apply myself to digging under the hood in the tech realm of server file permissions. Look it up if you’re curious. The issue I had was getting the image upload feature to work properly. It errored out with folder permission problems. And all the more irritating, since another installation I did for a client was functioning perfectly. So… WTF?

A trip to the WordPress Codex and Docs and I got enough info to fire up my FTP app and massage the permissions on my web server and got it working. Hmmm… guess it should test it? What to upload?

So. The image above. Even though the “Snowmageddon” storm that clobbered the DC Area and Central Atlantic states spared the NYC Region and Hudson Valley, the “Snowpocalyse” storm and the record breaking “Snowricane” did catch up with us. Big Fun Deluxe. Clogged roads, Businesses closed, Events Canceled, and Snow Days at region schools. I, for one, am glad to see a little sun.

Relevant? Right. Right. Was getting to that. As a self-employed Creative Pro, my studio is in my home. So as long as I have power, heat, food, and a high speed internet connection. I can pretty much hole up and keep working. And I did. Also you can’t beat the commute. About 45 seconds from bedroom to the Studio downstairs. Maybe five minutes if I stop in the kitchen to get coffee. In nicer weather, about 30 paces to the pool. The Studio looks out the patio door, and when It’s nice I can open it up and let the breeze air this place out. Compare that to an hour and 45 min ride into the city when I was a corporate Art Director. If I had to stay late, the ride back was often longer.

Anyway, I had snapped a few clever images and tossed together a little “No Snow Days” Promo Card (maybe I’ll post a PDF for ya’s) that  I handed out  to one of my networking groups. So, brief flash of pro coolness.  Try THAT in Word.

So no complaints other than as a homeowner, I do see the energy bills and the downstairs gets colder then the upper floor were we get good sun. In a heat wave, that’s great, and a cooler environment in the summer is better for my machines. But in winter, not so much. Sweaters are good.

And uploading a shot about getting through the epic weather was probably more relevant than goofy stuff like this…

Can Haz Upgrd Plz?

Go watch Caprica to see why this is funny.

Yeah, I’m a geek. But we creative sorts are allowed our eccentric vices. And I’ll be getting back under the hood of Bloogging, Facebook… and *cringe*… even Twitter. Mostly because my clients have an interest in the stampede to social media.

That’s it for this one, I do have billable work to do! Till next time!

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