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161 Grove Heights Road
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411  |   Map it!  


9:30 AM - 6 PM Monday-Friday*


Landline: 304 500-2142
Mobile: 845 623-0940
9:30 AM - 6 PM M-F (see note below*)
Please Call ahead for FAX service (We’d really rather not, faxes are dumb)



Web site address / URL:


Please Note:

*Business calls best during above hours, but calls will be cautiously accepted evenings and weekends. We may not be working, but we'll listen. No business calls after 8pm, please. Please respect that yes, I will ocassionally work weekends at my discretion, i.e. if I really really like you. So be nice.

Also note, this is a home based studio, we are often working and working on the house concurrently, so working hours will somtimes be a little erratic, so please do bear with us. But things are certianly calmer than the Summer/Fall of 2014 and we were just getting the place set up.

Professional and personal communications only, please.

**SPAM mail and other unsolicited horsepucky sent to the above address shall be deleted essentially unread. Incessant SPAMming or sufficient annoyance will result in being reported to your/our ISPs and being billed for our time at prevailing rates.


“Doing the Kessell Run in under 12 parsecs since 1980!”

Interesting Stuff

FRS Studio Blog
Please Read our Studio Blog - Graphics, Design, Tech, Musings and Rants. Updated Randomly.

Fantastic Realities
Available from FRS:
FANTSASTIC REALITIES - A Life In Art & Design A softbound edition of my 2017 Design Retrospective

A Rockland Fall Photo Book
Available from FRS:
A Rockland Fall, A chronicle of Digital Photography.

A is for Art Front Cover
For the artsy ’toon fans – 
A is for ART, an Artist's Primer - a Digital Restoration
Hardcover Print Edition Now Available from FRS - A blast from the past brought back to life.

FB IconWe do have a FRS Facebook Page with the oceassional clever post. But we’re NOT using FB’s bandwidth-eating, data-sucking Page Plugin. Nor do we mine your personal data with FB ads. Eat my shorts, you criminals.


Save the Net Now
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