A Look at The iPad2:

When Apple released the original iPad, they were diving out into uncharted territory. Their success with the iPhone, turning the smartphone market in it’s side, suggested they were on to something. But it wasn’t till the first year of iPad, that the realized that they had something quite amazing on their hands. People are doing things with the iPad that Apple never expected. First impressions of the iPad2.

When do you need a Graphics Pro?

For creative pros, the market for Print Designers and Publishing Art Directors has certainly contracted. I’ve been hearing the comment more and more, “why do I need you expensive artsy prima-donnas when I can do this myself in Word?”
So just when, exactly, do you need to hire a Design Professional? Quite simply, when you want to look better than that…

Barrier to Entry

Barrier to Entry. I entered the field in 1980, yes that would be B.C. — Before Computers. If someone had told me in 1989 that in a few years I would be replacing 90% of my professional tools every three to five years, I would have looked at them like they were out of their minds…

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