Video Odyssey

I admit I was crazy enough to take on a project that rapidly morphed from a PowerPoint slideshow… to a Hi-Def Video project. Should have just said “NO”… past my tech-level. But I went and built the damn thing, and now faced with the technical problem of somehow burning a HD — presumably Blu-Ray — DVD that the client’s HD DVD gear can actually read to toss up on their honking huge 1080i Lobby Plasma Screen. Read the cautionary tale.

Getting at Your Web Stuff

One of the requests that I often get from clients is that they want to know how to do simple revisions and update their web site content for themselves. Of course they are concerned in this difficult economy about paying my fair, but non-trivial designer’s rate for what might be a trivial update or minor correction. Or you might just want more control of your own content.

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