A Look at The iPad2:

When Apple released the original iPad, they were diving out into uncharted territory. Their success with the iPhone, turning the smartphone market in it’s side, suggested they were on to something. But it wasn’t till the first year of iPad, that the realized that they had something quite amazing on their hands. People are doing things with the iPad that Apple never expected. First impressions of the iPad2.

Video Odyssey

I admit I was crazy enough to take on a project that rapidly morphed from a PowerPoint slideshow… to a Hi-Def Video project. Should have just said “NO”… past my tech-level. But I went and built the damn thing, and now faced with the technical problem of somehow burning a HD — presumably Blu-Ray — DVD that the client’s HD DVD gear can actually read to toss up on their honking huge 1080i Lobby Plasma Screen. Read the cautionary tale.

Credit Crisis – Awesome Flash Vid

“The Crisis of Credit Visualized.” is possibly one of the best, and most useful uses of Flash Animation that I have ever seen. Aside from being a graphically tight and beautiful, it also gives an overview of a complex, and lately emotional topic with amazing clarity. And furthermore it isn’t selling sneakers or dressing up another sketchy blockbuster film site, it’s providing useful social purpose!

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