Why CSS Matters – Living in The Petri Dish.

I decided to talk about some of the under the hood tech that makes contemporary web sites work, with a bit of diversion about bringing print content online. We’ll demonstrate the main idea of the marriage of HTML and CSS by taking a look “backstage” with a print and web design project called, Living in The Petri Dish.

Gettting Face(book) time.

Since I have been manually posting notifications on FB about my Blog Posts here, I figured, with the rising popularity of Facebook, there was probably an app or plug-in that would allow Me to post notices to the page automatically. So after a bit of research, I’ve installed WordBook Plug-in on the blog. And this is literally it’s test flight.

When do you need a Graphics Pro?

For creative pros, the market for Print Designers and Publishing Art Directors has certainly contracted. I’ve been hearing the comment more and more, “why do I need you expensive artsy prima-donnas when I can do this myself in Word?”
So just when, exactly, do you need to hire a Design Professional? Quite simply, when you want to look better than that…

Barrier to Entry

Barrier to Entry. I entered the field in 1980, yes that would be B.C. — Before Computers. If someone had told me in 1989 that in a few years I would be replacing 90% of my professional tools every three to five years, I would have looked at them like they were out of their minds…

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