Gettting Face(book) time.

Some of you may, and some of you may not know this, since I haven’t talked about it here. But I do have a Facebook account, then of course, like any good Design Pro, I have a Page for the Studio. And as more of my clients ask about *gasp* social networking, I have to become more familiar with some of the options and technologies.

Now this blog is powered by WordPress, WP hacks can tell from the very lightly modified default Kubrick page design. But one of the things I love about WP is that there is not only an abundant supply of themes, but also a HUGE zoo of plug-in to perform all manner of digital legerdemain. Since I have been manually posting notifications on FB about my Blog Posts here, I figured, with the rising popularity of Facebook, there was probably an app or plug-in that would allow Me to post notices to the page automatically. So after a bit of research, I’ve installed the  WordBook Plug-in on the blog. This was literally it’s test flight.

Alas was not to be. WoodBook does not work on Fan or Business FB Pages. See below for comments on keeping my personal and Pro/Biz bloggage separate. So I am trying another application, a bit more involved, but we’ll see if it works. It may have the virtue of earning the blog a little more exposure.

I am also looking at adding “Share on Facebook” functionality. Yes, there’s plug-in for that too. Which is probably the next thing I’ll be testing. If a “Share on Facebook” link turns up on my posts, I got it working. Of course there are equivalent tools for Twitter, but I am seriously dragging my feet about getting into that. I do have to spend some of my time actually working on client’s projects. Imagine that, so demanding. But the ability to buy groceries is a compelling argument for discipline.

The emergence of Social Media as an important Web trend for both individuals and businesses, due to it’s particular reach and ability to connect individuals TO businesses and organizations, means that Creative pros like myself have to pay increasing attention to an ever widening array of venues, and techniques for leveraging them. What makes this interesting is becoming a net.schizo. I have this blog for the Studio, where I can wax-on, wax-off on themes relating to my profession and related tech subjects. I have a personal Live journal since about 2003 or so… If you know it, you know who you are. My personal rantage. I’m on Facebook as me, but then have a Page for FRS. The twitter account… like 4 tweets (Ha!) is me, and I should make a separate one for the Studio… Keeping my personal and professional lives separate is an interesting exercise in information management. Not withstanding that as a self-employed creative pro, with a studio in my home, my professional life is pretty darn personal! But the overall approach is that I’ll refer to my professional live from my personal side, but I’ll be keeping the personal from the professional side.

That didn’t stop a client from trying to call Me at 7PM on a Friday, looking for a project and a quote. Not that I don’t work evenings and weekends, like many creatives and self-employed, that’s a choice, not an expectation. But seriously, WTF?

He can wait… till Monday.

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