Fanart For Wisdom Teeth

I am a Graphic and Web Designer in the northwest suburbs of NYC, and a Megatokyo reader... fan actually. The entire family are readers and my sons are just one obsession away from otaku. I can well and truly sympathize with the whole dental thing. I am 47 and have dental work in my mouth dating back to the 70s. A LOT of it is falling apart and it's costing a fair fortune to take care of. Being a self employed freelancer and cheap dental plan... ouch ouch ouch.

Yes... can more than emphasize.

Anyway. After blowing us away with the last strip [ This one! ]... (and the next two... ) facing another 2-strip week, or FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.. a Shirt Guy Dom strip... I decided to put aside my whiny clients, put on my goofy hat and see what I could slap together in the way of a tribute strip over a long afternoon and make a humble offering for the DPDs...



GODS... It's been years since I did a proper strip. Except for the cartoon contest... but that was something else again. Ask me about the one year of monthy MetroMa'am strips I did for Metro Foodservice News back in the 80's, ask NICE. *twitch*

But it was not to be. The SGD went up and it was actually fun, and the next two strips totally pwned us...So that's pretty much it. The moment passed. Fred seemed to survive the whole wisdom teeth thing.. or perhaps the pain sharpened his artistic instincts!

Oh yes... the MT Bookmark I glommed at our local library... I thought that was way cool. Librarian used to give a cold shoulder to Manga and Graphic Novels, but anything to get kids to read seems to meet with approval

Anyway, this was done for the fun of it and figured I would share.

- SamuraiArtGuy


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