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“Help! I Just Learned How to Use Twitter and Now I’m Supposed to Have a Google Glass Strategy? Really?” Retail Advice from SXSW

Significant insights and talking points from some of Featured Sessions from the 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival captured in graphic recordings. / Image: SXSW/ImageThink.You’ve been told ad-nauseum that you need to upgrade your technology to keep up with the kids, the times, the spenders out there. Laptops? Got ‘em. iPads? Got them too. Wi-Fi? Twitter? Facebook? Learning it all. Over the years, the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) has become well-known for its focus on emerging technologies. Held earlier this month in Austin, TX, the event featured various retail-themed panel discussions, including “Accelerating Innovation in Retail” and “Next Generation Retail Stores.” Retail consultant Jeannie Walters noted that discussions focused on “the ways customers interact with products and brands” emerged from the event with four challenges to retail innovation.

Big TV, New Clothes, Dinner and a Tesla?
Not so Fast, New Jerseyans

A Tesla Model S automobile, produced by Tesla Motors Inc., sits on display inside the Tesla store at Westfield Stratford City retail complex in London, on Oct. 24, 2013. Image: Simon Dawson/BloombergTesla, the electric car maker, has a unique product and a unique business model. Tesla forgoes the traditional dealership model used by other auto manufacturers and sells direct to consumers. Many Tesla stores are in California, the state with the strictest emissions laws, but they are also in other states, including Florida, Illinois and New Jersey. At least as of now there are. Bloomberg reports that the company may lose its two Garden State stores – both located in shopping malls – because of what the company calls “pressure from auto dealers” being put on Governor Chris Christie’s administration. With its two locations in high-end northern New Jersey malls, the Garden State Plaza and the Mall at Short Hills (“near the Cheesecake Factory and next to Banana Republic,” trumpets the Tesla website), the future of the car maker’s business model may be in jeopardy.

Are Consumers Ditching the Suburbs for Urban Shopping Experiences?

The Mall at Bay Plaza will be New York City's first enclosed shopping mall in nearly 40 years. Image: WSJ/Altoon PartnersA recent Wall Street Journal article is suggesting that consumers are heading back into urban centers for their shopping needs, fleeing the suburbs where malls have flourished over the years. But with them, according to the article, are the shopping centers once found exclusively in the suburbs. The article points to the development of New York City's first new, enclosed shopping mall in nearly four decades. The new shopping center, which will be based in the Bronx, is one of five new shopping centers in the Bronx that will add more than 1.4 million square feet of space. Part of the appeal for the Bronx, in particular, the article suggests, is its location and much lower rents than NYC’s pricier borough, Manhattan.

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