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30+ Years as the Source of Major Shopping Center Data for the US and Canada2013 issue 18

Offline shopping is all the rage....with online retailers

A Kate Spade shop in an upscale mallOnline exclusive brands are figuring out that it is worth having real-world real estate as part of their retail offering. According to Forbes’ Wendy Liebmann, “A digital-only shopping platform isn’t enough to ensure long-term success because sometimes even the most digitally savvy online shoppers want to physically experience products and brands in real time. They want it now; they want to try it; smell it; taste it; or all of the above.”

10 trends changing the course
of the U.S. retail industry

Video: 10 trends changing the course of the U.S. retail industryIf you have two minutes and 53 seconds to spare, and you enjoy watching a hand write and draw at ridiculously high speeds, then check out this YouTube video from Jones Lang LaSalle, a financial and professional services firm specializing in commercial real estate services and investment management. The video details what JLL believes are the top ten trends, covering 3D printing, personalization, the use of smart phones for payment, social media integration with brick-and-mortar shopping and more.

35 year-old South Dakota mall gets a makeover

Rennovatoion at the Empire Mall South DakotaConstruction is about half-way complete on a renovation project for The Empire Mall (Sioux Falls, SD), bought by Simon Properties a year-and-a-half ago. KELO-TV reports the work, which should wrap up just in time for the 2013 holiday season, is being exclusively done overnight while the mall is closed, so as not to disrupt shopping during the day. The video report includes some archival footage from the mall’s early days in the mid 70’s, a brief reminder of what the mall once looked like, which the 21st century renovation is looking to leave behind. KELO also reports on the growing “lifestyle center vs. traditional indoor mall” debate in this separate feature.

DMM Spotlight #18 - Shops at Station Square, Pittsburg, PA

DMM “Storymaps” It!

ESRI, the GIS analytic systems company, has applied DMM data to create Storymaps of the 50 Largest Shopping Malls in the US. DMM has been an ESRI data partner for nearly a decade and includes the DMM dataset of Major Shopping Centers in the Business Analyst product line. The Top 50 Storymap – which can be found here – shows how easily the DMM data can be used to visually portray the major shopping center locations and details for you and your customers. For more information about ESRI, click here.   845.348.7000 : : 1.800.898.MALL FaceBook - Directory-of-Major-Malls/42725694509 Twitter - Blogger - ShoppingCenterDigestBlog  

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